Plenary Speakers

Augusto Soares da Silva

University of East Anglia

Augusto Soares da Silva is Professor of Linguistics at the Catholic University of Portugal. His research focuses on lexical semantics, grammar and conceptualization, and language variation and change within the framework of Cognitive Linguistics. He is also interested in metaphor, ideology and discourse. His book The World of Meanings in Portuguese: Polysemy, Semantics and Cognition (2006) won an international award from the Portuguese Language Society. More recently, he edited the books Pluricentricity: Language Variation and Sociocognitive Dimensions (De Gruyter, 2014) and Figurative Language: Intersubjectivity and Usage (John Benjamins, 2021). He coordinates two research projects on the lexical, constructional and attitudinal convergence and divergence between European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and African varieties of Portuguese. He is the director of the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies and coordinator of the PhD program in Linguistics.


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